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05-25-2015, 07:37 AM
- Added a setting so that the block country function can be turned off and on.
- Added a setting to control the length of the names of the categories, manufacturers and products displayed in the monitor and reports sections.
- Added a setting to control the date format. Two examples are given but any valid date format string will work.
- Added code to display the manufacturers name beside the url parameters.
- Added code to skip IPv6 IP's since they were causing errors in some cases.
- Added a note to the colors page to show it is not for normal use since many were confused about its purpose.
- Changed Path Tracker report so it now shows the name of the category or product.
- Changed help code so slashes are handled correctly in the popups.
- Changed popup code so it opens correctly in all shops.
- Changed the code in the block county module to try using curl before file_get-contents.
- Created a database updater that correctly remembers previous settings.
- Fixed a problem with the country blocking code that failed onsome shops.
- Renamed HEADING_TITLE in the admin language file. It is not used, other than display, and can cause conflicts with addons that use that name.
- Updated the IP2Location class file.

This is a full package.

The support thread is located at:
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