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12-09-2014, 10:05 AM
Mobile OSC 7.5.6. - mobile version for OSCommerce 2.3.0. to 2.3.4. and OSCommerce 2.2rc2a

- Add missing "and s.public_flag = '1'"to order query in mobile/account_history_info.php.
- Fix continue button with $origin_href to ensure correct link to origin in mobile/create_account_success.php.
- Add nofollow tag to theme link in options. Changing theme doesn’t change content.
- mobile/includes/header.php: Change error messages css id to css class. Fix error in javascript message.
- Change error messages css id to css class. Fix font size and background color to yellow for info messages in mobile stylesheet.css.
- Add reviews success message to mobile/product_reviews.php.
- Optional Phone buttons added to mobile header and contact_us page. The button triggers the phone dialer on mobile phones.
- Fix ajax page load stuck if an action recorder error message is displayed in mobile/logon.php.
- OsC 2.3.4. only. Remove duplicated "_div id="returning_cust"_" tag in mobile/login.php which is repeated in the content modules.

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