View Full Version : Viral Social Media Buttons by UP

10-30-2014, 11:10 AM
The Viral Social Buttons from UP change the way sites go viral. Users share content from your site and earn points they can cash in for cool stuff.

Get more traffic on your site and increase viral interaction by installing the UP Viral Social Media Buttons widget! Unlike your normal, everyday Social Media Buttons, UP’s proprietary technology has been designed to help make your site more viral.

With UP, each time users share your content on their favorite social media pages, they get points they can cash in for cool stuff in the UP Store. Users sign up for UP once, then each time they share your content across social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or LinkedIn, they get points – and you get powerful cross-network viral data on how your users are sharing your content on their social media pages and social networks.

Users don’t even need to share using your Social Buttons for you to get incredibly detailed viral data – they can just copy and paste the link or share on Social Media in any other way.

Our points-based sharing incentives give users a clear reason to share your content - helping raise your site’s viral coefficient. UP’s customizable platform and social media icon buttons help you optimize your content, blog posts and pages for more social sharing engagement, and a wider viral reach.

What’s more - by signing up as an UP Partner for free, you can change the placement of your Social Buttons, and also get access to demographic data and social sharing behavior to help you get to know your most viral users, and turn your visitors into social media evangelists.

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