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10-09-2014, 07:19 AM
Mobile OSC 7.5.5. - mobile version for OSCommerce 2.3.0. to 2.3.4. and OSCommerce 2.2rc2a

- Change image directory definition in configure.php to use SSL if needed.
- Change language icon calls in options.php to SSL if needed.
- Add $request_type to theme link in options.php for SSL if needed.
- Add “redirectCancelled=”true” for redirect stability to mobile/checkout_success.php.
- Add “TEXT_SUCCESS “ to mobile/checkout_success.php. Versions before 2.3.4 only.
- Add “redirectCancelled=”true” to improve redirect stability in mobile/checkout_confirmation.
- “redirect fix” updates of the before uploaded fix in catalog/checkout_success.php, catalog/checkout_payment.php and catalog/shopping_cart.php.
- Add search_engine_safe URL support to tep_mobile_link in mobile/includes/functions/general.php
- Separate mobile devicelist function from mobile_redirect.php and classic_redirect.php for easier update.
- Fix redirect support for stores using different URL for SSL and NONSSL in mobile_redirect.php and classic_redirect.php.
- Change shopping cart button in header to checkout button when on shopping cart page.
- Fix for special characters in mobile search. Only for OSC 2.2 Stores which do not use UTF-8 character encoding.
- Fix image size to MOBILE_IMAGE_ constant in shopping_cart.php.
- Add “number” for numeric input support in quantity field in shopping_cart.php.
- Add message if Javascript is disabled to mobile header.

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