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09-15-2014, 10:41 AM
Mobile OSC 7.5.3. - mobile version for OSCommerce 2.3.0. to 2.3.4. and OSCommerce 2.2rc2a

- In catalog/includes/classes/breadcrumb.php removed mobile_site=true for correct testing when Mobile Site=false.
- Use mobile split page results for touch buttons in reviews.php
- Use product name if product model is empty in breadcrumb trail.
- Fix the page load - link error if the "Display Cart After Adding Product" option is set to "false". (OsC 2.3.4 only).
- Change the buttons to mini in catalog/mobile/includes/modules/downloads.php.
- Add auto redirect to classic site if using mobile urls with desktop devices.
This fixes the problem if cloud users bookmark mobile URLs and use them later from desktop devices.
- Add auto redirect to classic site for all visitors if Mobile main switch is set to false.
- Fix for incorrect message stack stylesheets, need to be td….. to show correct font sizes
- Fix for by default selected shipping method if only one available
- Fix for by default selected payment method if only one available
- Register a mobilesession variable to ensure redirect to mobile from external payment sites
- mobile device list updated to 04 september 2014

- last 2 fixes included

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