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02-09-2014, 04:21 PM
Simple Dogecoin Payment Module for CRE Loaded & OSCommerce
by Jean-Francois Laloux [email protected]

from an original work by Marc Rogivue www.KULTUhR.net [email protected]
with Simple Bitcoin Payment Module

Dogecoin Donation Address DU1Bh6v581DPnNqDZYKNHnUim619FZ2729

Released under the GNU General Public License


This is a very simple and basic module to accept Dogecoin Payments on CRE Loaded.
I installed it on CRE V5 and V6 but it should also run on OSCommerce and other CRE Versions.

Basically all it does is that after an order it sends your customer an email with order confirmation
and your Dogecoin Address as well as a QR Code to your DOGE account number.

You have to check and record the incoming of Dogecoin funds yourself as the module does NOT automatically
monitor your Dogecoin Address! It is therefore only suitable for shops where you receive only few orders.
The advantage is, that the setup and installation is very easy and can be done in a couple of minutes only.
Besides a working Dogecoin wallet and a Dogecoin Address/QR code, there are no prerequisites!

1. Copy the attached files into your CRE folders.
They are all new files, so nothing will be overwritten.

2. Replace my QR code in the images folder with your own and rename it to your own account number!
Leave it in the PNG format.

3. In admin, go to Modules -> Payment -> Dogecoin Module and Install the Module

4. Click on Edit, replace my Dogecoin Address with your own and set the other settings according to your needs.

5. After clicking on Update, your QR Code should appear. If not, check your DOGE account number and whether you
placed your QR code file in the image directory and named it according to your own DOGE Address with PNG format.

6. In admin, go to Localization -> Currencies -> New Currency and add Dogecoin:
Title: Dogecoin
Code: DOGE
Symbol Left: DOGE
Symbol Right:
Decimal Point: .
Thousands Point: ,
Decimal Places: 8

For Example as of 02/09/2014
Value: 814.332247557
USD30 = DOGE24429.9674267

You may consider using a CRON job to update your currencies on a daily basis!

That's it!
Don't forget the Dogecoin Donation Address DU1Bh6v581DPnNqDZYKNHnUim619FZ2729

Thank you, Jean-Francois Laloux

- Add a CRON job to update your currencies automatically on regular intervals
- Add a special Order Status, for example "Awaiting DOGE Payment" and update your DOGE module accordingly
- Update your FAQ to reflect that you accept Dogecoins as payments
- Update your Mainpage, foot, or header to reflect that you accept Dogecoins as payments (doge.png is the official DOGE logo and is included in the image folder)

More... (http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/9007)