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07-09-2013, 06:52 AM
HTTP Error Management System, by Linuxuk

What does it do?

In its base form, it is an elegant system for presenting HTTP errors to customers, who experience an HTTP Error.
Depending on the choices you make it will record all HTTP Errors that occur on your site, ready for you to take action.

What is an HTTP error?
It is the error produced by the server when an even occurs that it cannot handle so displays a default error page
Errors occur for all kinds of reasons both malicious and unintentional; unintentional would be a dead link, or a moved page
So when a user tries to access it they will receive a "404" error.
Malicious intentions would be to find a weakness in your files in an attempt to gain access.

This system is able to ban users on HTTP errors (the amount or errors you set in admin)
Some of this contributions features....

* Provides an elegant, formatted error page to your customers with links
* Records all errors (based upon your settings)
* Has the ability to auto ban repeat offenders
* Will not ban Google, MSN, Yahoo, or Bing. Ever
* Auto delete entries after a time in days you set.
* Emails you of any banned IP
* Integrates with the IP Trap (Must be installed to use this)
* 15 http errors all together covered
* you choose which of the HTTP errors are subject to the banning system
* Includes a rescue sustem for anytime you ban yourself
* Includes a multi visual and function admin page where you can
* Choose which of the HTTP errors get banned
* Query an IP Number via Project Honey pot site
* Check your Page error number via W3 Schools
* Ban
* Un ban
* Delete
* Search engines show up a different colour to highlight them
* Search engines in the Admin do not have any ban feature to them
* Choose from an extensive array of constant settings in your admin

This add on is a great way of knowing where you errors are, and also a great defence system.
Available for 2.2xx and 2.3xx family of osCommerce.

Full install instructions and user manual are included in the .zip file along with screenshots.

Must have IP Trap installed first.

More... (http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/8857)