View Full Version : Pop Up customer Stock alert - allow customers to be notified when items back in stock automatically

04-18-2013, 04:58 PM
This add on will provide a way to let your customers request notification for when you restock any out of stock item.
This is now standard code on most shopping web sites but lacking from osCommerce.

* Auto detects when an item is out of stock and provides a link for customers to click
* When clicked a pop up box will appear with a form for Email and Name
* Hold all information in the Database
* Will send a confirmation to the store owner and the customer when it is activated
* When you add stock it will pad the fields and if an alert id found for that item it will send out an email
* Has an Admin page where you can view alerts, and holds links to email the customers
* Admin page is multi level allowing the product edit page to be presented for any item on the list
* Has a customer search (By clicking the customer’s name) if the customer is registered it will bring up their account details
* You do not need to register for an account with this add on, it is independent of the account feature, this enables any one to use the system
* Screen shots are included
* Full fileset included for those with a store that had not mods
* Full install instructions are included
* Installation will take around 30 minutes, possibly less.
* Will work with any of the 2.3 family of osCommerce

See Demo at this address http://www.development-server.net/233 all items are set to zero stock.

More... (http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/8750)