View Full Version : [Mod Installation] [interest?] Thermoprinter reciept

11-01-2012, 05:29 PM
Would there be interest in an admin button for a thermoprinter reciept sized correctly?
I have made this mod for my oscom 2.2 and will be implementing it into oscmax soon.


11-02-2012, 11:41 AM
Yes please post it ... I was looking at using/building an EPOS function within osCmax. I assumethe thermoprinter triggers the cash drawers?

Was going add a barcode scanner input box to allow scanning and even a little calculatr to do cash tendered and change calcs.

Is this what you are doing?

11-02-2012, 04:31 PM
I haven't gone as far as doing the barcoding, but I'm looking into oscom addons that work with scanners so that I can either implement one into max or atleast learn about how the code works with the scanners.
This mod is basically just an invoice.php (named reciept.php to keep invoice.php funtional) with a seperate stylesheet to set everything at exact sizes to allow direct printout with all needed information. Cash drawer is possible with this printer, just an easy setting in printer properties.

In other words, right now this is great if you have customers picking orders up in person. I got tired of printing ink/laser sheets since we're not required to give people "full size" invoices here. Customer comes in, tells you his order number, quick printout, drawer opens. The printer (mine is an Epson TM-88v) has lots of settings regarding printing barcodes. This could be used for example to automatically mark orders as shipped/picked up. Also I am going to be adding some kind of "make another order within 30 days for XY% sale" kind of coupon thing that'll be automatically printed at the end of the slip.

Implementing barcodes would be great, because oscmax would then pretty much fully become a point of sales application. You could use the "customer call in order" to make a POS order without manually clicking anything, but just barcode scan the various items into the order, no need for customer info, just print and finish.