View Full Version : Modifying shipping_methods to use css not tables but not change core file

08-22-2012, 10:40 PM

I think I've done something similar before but I cannot find where / what I did.

I want to modify the layout of the Shipping checkout page.

the relevant file is /catalog/includes/modules/shipping/shipping_method.php

But rather than edit the core file and make upgrades difficult, I'd like to use a copy file stored in the template structure

i.e. /catalog/templates/mytheme/includes/modules/shipping/shipping_method.php

So I should be able to redirect osCmax to use the one under the template directory instead of the core file but....

I cannot figure out where shipping_method.php is being loaded from.

Pointers please.


08-26-2012, 01:45 AM
You will need to add a BTS setting into the core to allow template based module loading ... then replace the include or require with the BTS function.

I did something similar for the languages to allow template based language changes ... modules are the next logical step in the template evolution.

configure_bts.php - oscmax2 - osCmax - osCommerce Maximized - Google Project Hosting (http://code.google.com/p/oscmax2/source/browse/branches/2.5.3/catalog/includes/configure_bts.php)

Then add a new 'modules' to the case statement.