View Full Version : [Mod Request] Does OscMax2.5 preinstalled mega tag and link managerII

07-09-2012, 07:46 PM
Hi all and dear development:

My name is Richard

This is a very good shoppingcart program,I used the OSCms2.2 now,and It's very old and heavy modified,
I am looking a new shoppingcart now,
I found OSCmax2.5 much better and good,

I am very suprise it's free,because the similar CRE6.5 need about $300 to buy,
I compare the oscmax2.5 and cre6.5,
OSCmax2.5 much better,because CRE6.5's some function was old,like addtional images.

So I guess I will very would like donate to oscmax for my thanks.

Sir,I have a little problem,
Because I used the OSCMS2.2 now,some old contributions seems not installed in oscmax,
like mega tag,and links managerII

I am sorry but can you tell me if mega tag,and links managerII not preinstalled in oscmax, if not,how I find it and install it
Or,can I request the development part help install it for me and I pay you charge

07-13-2012, 10:31 AM
Do you mean meta tag rather than mega tag? If so, then osCmax does have metatags installed.

Links manager is not included but it is an easy install into osCmax ...

Post links to the contributions you are referring to at osCommerce and I will double check for you.