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03-15-2012, 07:00 AM
Code re-written, now faster & more efficient (un-compressed backups are upto 50% smaller) backups take approx 1.5 secs per Mb (un-compressed).

Automatically backs up your database at regular intervals whilst you are logged into admin and create archive backups at a longer intervals.
Backups can be GZipped to conserve server space.
Backups can now be split or extended past max execution time if you have a very large dBase.
Backups are compatible with Database Backup Manager so selective restores can be made.
A cron job can also be set up to create timed daily backups, regardless of whether anyone logs in or not.
Archived backups can now also be auto deleted after a set period, so server won't fill up.
The 'sessions' and 'whos_online' tables are now automatically excluded from auto-backups, other exclusions can easily be added if needed.
The backup status is now only checked once every 5 minutes instead of on every page load.
As logfiles are created in the backup folder, modifications to Database Backup Manager are included to enable display/deletion of same.
Now includes separate language file to ease alterations for non English speakers.

Basic install is just 5 easy steps.

Compatible with all osC versions 2.3.1 and below.

Contribution download moved to http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/8374 to reflect 2.3.x compatibility

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