View Full Version : New Infobox - what actually goes inside the .php file?

03-10-2012, 01:22 PM

I am trying to add a facebook like button to an infobox as I don't really have the knowledge to put it anywhere else, and even this is causing me some issues.

Basically, is there a document which can teach me what information actually goes inside the xxx.php file located in /includes/boxes? (that way I can just add things myself at a later date.

I've made the iframe like button appear fine, but it kinda doesn't work properly (I read some OScommerce posts that the javascript version is better).

So, am I supposed to add the javascript SDK into the infobox file I created, or should I put that in another file.

Look forward to any help so I can learn.

I also read the wiki "how to create an infobox" but this just told me how to place it, not what needs to go inside (from what I can see).

Thank you.