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02-10-2012, 08:05 PM
This module add the posibility to display shipping prices from a csv file directly into a combo box (or combo list). It is usefull for local delivery.
You just need to modify 2 blocks of code from "./checkout_shipping.php", upload the new files and install the shipping module.

Este modulo permite mostrar los precios de envio en un combo box (o combo list) que se llena directamente desde un archivo csv. Es util para los envios locales por barrios.
Solo necesita modificar 2 bloques de codigo de "./checkout_shipping.php", subir los archivos nuevos e instalar el modulo de envio.

Note: I program in C/C++, and a week ago I known nothing of PHP and SQL. After I installed OScommerce, I started to learn. I have searched for the possibility to add a combo box to shipping cost selection, but found nothing (only at paid freelancers sites) and so I decided to try it myself. I would appreciate if an experimented PHP programmer take a look to the modifications to improve them. It is based on version 2.3.1
Many thanks.
Esteban Ariel Kucharski from Argentina.

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