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02-06-2012, 10:09 AM
None that I can remember.

So exciting.
1. Separate handling fee for each method.
2. Extra services (domestic and international)
ALL available services are shown. You have three options for EACH individual service.
a. Don't include.
b. Include and combine with base rate and HIDE the breakdown from the customer.
c. Include and combine with base rate and SHOW the breakdown to the customer so that they can see exactly what they are paying for.
NOTES: Breakdown can only be shown in 2.3.1 as it requires jquery. If you choose internet pricing, only services available with online labels will be added/shown. Vice versa, if you choose retail, then only services available at counters will be added/shown. There are NO online extra services for international shipping.

3. Show or hide International shipping regulations to your international customers. This info displays their country's restrictions, prohibitions, customs regulations, etc...
NOTE: International regulations can only be shown in 2.3.1 shops, as this requires jquery.

Weight Thresh-holds for ALL methods, including domestic AND international. This is a necessity when offering flat rate options.
Ascending (low to high) or Descending (high to low)
Rate Type
Online (show commercial rates)
Retail (show counter rates)
NOTE: Regional rate boxes do not return retail rates as these can ONLY be shipped with labels printed online.


For update from previous versions, you'll want to go through the entire set of instructions.

More... (http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/8327)