View Full Version : Need to change server information - NEWBIE - Please help

06-25-2004, 09:48 AM
In the ongoing process of a very new user trying to make large modifications to our site.. I have run into the need to change our server information.

Please see the attached screen shot and tell me where to go to make changes as simple as the server host address..

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06-25-2004, 07:20 PM
That screen just reports the server and host info. \

You cannot change any of that from osCommerce, it is a server level issue. If you want to change host names, you either need root access to the server, or if you are on virtual hosting, change the DNS info at the registrar...

06-25-2004, 08:21 PM
Sure, that makes sense.. I actually pasted that screen shot to show that I have found reference of the inaccurate information.
What's happened is we have moved from host127 (original server) to host200 (new server w/free IP's for SSL) and my files reside entirely on host200 now (however, from the looks of this, they also reside on host127 still). Are you stating here that once my host redirects dns to their proper server (that being host200) this information will automatically change, as the actual files are residing on the new (host200) server? In other words, I do not have to make any changes within osC (save in configure.php for https, etc..)?

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06-26-2004, 08:52 AM
That info means that your admin is still on server127. The server info script tells you the info for the server that it is currently on. This means you are still logging into your old server. The new server is propably only accessable via IP right now, so you cannot use the domain name. This of course will change once DNS/Nameservers have been updated for your domain name and has fully propagated. Contact your host for a more detailed explanation of the process.

07-31-2004, 05:53 PM
I'm actually doing some testing on my personal machine... my internal ip has changed. oscommerce is listing my old ip. Can it be changed from within??