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12-10-2011, 07:07 AM
Tab Menu Section (TMS) 1.0 by www.pronux.ch updated to version 1.1 which is now xhtml compliant.

I have only modified this excellent contribution to be XHTML compliant, not created it, if you need support, contact the author or use the support thread..

This should now pass all the tests at the mark up validation service at http://validator.w3.org/

Only file changed is includes/TMS/TabMenuSection.php, so if you have installed this addon already, simply replace this file with the one in the archive.


With this add-on you can add a tab-menu with content to the products site, see screenshot.jpg included in this package.
This contribution is very useful if you have a lot of content for articles and no space on the article page. For example,
you can create tabs for: Description, Additional Images, Reviews, Related Products, Prices etc.

To test this add-on, simply upload the "demo" folder on top of your website (root directory) and call the page www.yourpage.com/demo/

If you have problems or suggestions for improvements, please post them on the official support thread: http://bit.ly/gAhF2k

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