View Full Version : [Shipping Module] Is there an easy way to disable fedex for international customers?

12-01-2011, 01:29 PM
I cannot seem to find an option in the included fedex module oscmax25rc2 to disable it for international orders.

Is there another way to do the same using zones? I saw some old documentation talking about shipping zones for older versions of oscmax but not finding anything in the current max.

Any suggestions?

12-03-2011, 01:56 PM
Okay I should have looked a little closer before asking...
Its not as easy as a radio button but pretty simple none the less. To remove all Fedex shipping options open /catalog/includes/modules/shipping/fedex1.php

find around line 83

$this->international_types = array(

'01' => 'International Priority (1-3 Days)',

'03' => 'International Economy (4-5 Days)',

'06' => 'International First',

'90' => 'Home Delivery',

'92' => 'Ground Service'


Change to

$this->international_types = array(

//'01' => 'International Priority (1-3 Days)',

//'03' => 'International Economy (4-5 Days)',

//'06' => 'International First',

//'90' => 'Home Delivery',

//'92' => 'Ground Service'



The // comments out the line, of course you can comment some but not others just making sure your last un-commented method has no comma at the end.

You may find this useful as Fedex charges "brokerage fees" upon delivery for customers outside the US for customs clearance. Customers are slapped with an extra bill direct from Fedex to actually get their package... the one they paid for shipping once already! I recall the worst example at $10 worth of product, $18 shipping, from the US to Canada then fedex demanded the customer pay $40 extra. He refused and I don't blame him. It just causes a lot of customer satisfaction issues and returned packages (and fedex won't refund the already expensive international shipping charge so be aware!) Maybe they have changed their policies since I last used them for international shipping which was years ago but I'm not about to start experimenting with it again.