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08-31-2011, 09:13 AM
* The previously posted "Quantum Gateway Transparent DB Engine V1.2" was actually some version of the NON-Transparent DB Engine code. This package is based on the v1.1 code.

* Added local credit card number validation using the same technique as the "Quantum Gateway DB Engine" module. This avoids sending obviously-invalid credit card numbers to the Quantum Gateway and possibly paying a transaction fee to have them declined. During validation, card number is also standardized to a series of digits with no extra characters.

* Added local CVV length validation based on card type.

* The "Name on Credit Card" field is now passed to the gateway as the name on the credit card. Previously the "Name on Credit Card" field was ignored and the billing name was passed to the gateway.

* Correctly handles malformed error responses from the gateway, such as "DECLINED - Unapproved IP".

* Errors shown to user are easier to read and don't have spaces replaced with underscores (if there was some reason for replacing spaces, the maintainer should add an explanation).

* Error messages are now passed in $_SESSION vars instead of as $_GET parameters. This avoids conflicts with security modules that clear $_GET parameters of all punctuation and other potentially dangerous characters.

* Minor changes to text and labels. For example, payment method now shows up as "Credit Card" instead of "QuantumGateway" for your customers.

* A clear error is now shown if they enter no credit card number instead of telling them the (empty) last four digits of their credit card don't match any type of card accepted.

* If you want to be emailed whenever your users encounter a payment error (for testing or to see if they give up due to errors), uncomment where it says "Uncomment this section to receive an email whenever a payment error occurs."

More... (http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/5908)