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04-20-2011, 09:00 PM
Welcome to the BlueSky look

The file you downloaded will add a background colour, BlueSky look to osCommerce v2.3.1. Colours can be easily changed from the stylesheet.

The following is a easy two step installation:

Step one - For a fresh install:

Simply upload the two files to the related path. This is truly a simple Upload-and-Replace without touching any code, ever.

Step two - For an existing shop:

> Open catalog >> stylesheet >> copy and replace the "body and bodywrapper tag".

> Upload the 'background' folder to >> catalog >> images

Please note: This change will also drop down the body by 20px. It can be changed from the body tag as well.

For further help, please contact the author at help@aucomputech.com

Live Demo: http://aucomputech.com/demo/ao_bluesky/


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