View Full Version : [osCmax V2.0.25] Paypal IPN's not being received

04-14-2011, 12:27 PM
I am having problems with Paypal IPN's not being returned after it had been running fine for months. A lot going so sorry for post length.

Moved server (kept domain name), days ago so DNS is propogated
Migrated OSCmax to 2.0.25 from rc3
Using Debit Card/Credit Card(via Paypal) 2.4 but modules do look different

old site had 2 status options and curl option
New sites 2.4 module has 3 status options and no curl option

Before migration tested in sandbox and IPN's received without a problem
After moving domain name and going live, Paypal IPN's are no longer received and don't show in who's online, when they did before
Using Paypal IPN simulator in sandbox I can send IPN's to store that show in Who's online (hopefully that rules out DNS)
If I change the IPN handler URL in my Paypal account to to the same URL I used in sandbox and force resend the IPN to the account IPN handler, nothing shows in Who's online (I have tried this both with store generated IPN's and other IPN's to ensure that store generated IPN's arent ignoring the account setting, even when forced)

Any ideas?