View Full Version : Content additions: Things that should be in the guide

01-01-2003, 09:58 AM
Hi team members,

I want to start including many more hacks, how-to's and contributions to the guide. I am beginning the contributions section of the guide as well. I need your help.

If each of you could do a little research over at the oscommerce forums, and dig through all the thousands of cool little suggestions and tips, or if you know of a killer hack that is not in the guide, either post the link here, or the code, or even attach a zip of the file to the post. I don't expect you to spend hours on this, but when you are over there, or find something the should be in our guide, take a minute and post the link here.

I think the best way to keep it organized for now is to put each hack or content contribution in its own post. Be descriptive in the post title, so we can reference it easily.

Thanks for your effort on this!