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01-15-2011, 12:21 AM
A completely revised USPS module with methods and much more.

With many options in the configuration (admin) panel, this is the most
versatile and business friendly USPS module offered to date.

This module will give you complete control over your shipping options.
Options include choosing domestic and international shipping methods,
whether to display package weight, transit time, and insurance, whether
to charge retail rates or commercial rates, add delivery confirmation and/
or signature confirmation with order total threshold for sig confirmation.
Charge handling for domestic or international, insure domestic and int'l
packages via USPS or private insurance carrier. Insure purchase only, tax,
and cost of shipping if you so desire. Set weight thresholds on domestic
packages to keep your customers from choosing methods that don't apply.

Changes since the popular 4.3.2:

Added international handling
Applied V4 IntlV2 syntax / required by May, 2011
Updated transit time responses and displays
Added user defined int'l package sizes - required by new syntax
Added option to charge retail or counter prices
Added delivery confirmation
Added signature confirmation
Added signature confirmation order threshold
Added processing time (to increase the transit time displayed)
Added user defined insurance (for private postal insurance)
Updated dmstc and intl insurance responses and displays
Updated display options - to work independently
transit time, weight, and insurance
Updated option to insure tax
Added option to insure shipping cost

More... (http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/487)