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11-27-2010, 09:52 AM
-> Added requirement note that Search Engine Friendly setting must be off
-> Added social bookmark icon for stumbleupon
-> Added option to include the model number in product pages title and tags
-> Added code to prevent slashes from being added when using the generic override option in Fill Tags
-> Added a language option to Fill Tags
-> Changed canonical code so duplicate slashes are removed for the home page
-> Fixed includes/functions/header_tags.php so that the manufacturers name are shown on the product page if the option is set
-> Fixed code in Fill Tags that prevented the description and/or keywords from being filled with the Fill Empty option
-> Fixed coding mistakes in Fill Tags that prevented cache from being cleared
-> Fixed problem with FCKEditor not working with categories description (a workaround)
-> Made various, minor, appearance changes
-> Removed troubleshooting statement from admin/header_tags_seo.php

This is a full version.

The support thread for Header Tags SEO is at

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