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08-09-2010, 06:00 PM
tablesthickness_v2.4 shipping module 2010/08/09
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Thickness depending shipping module

V2.3 > v2.4
The 'fix' of 2008-04-28 destroyed the intended module functionality.
The variable MODULE_SHIPPING_TT1_MAX_THICKNESS is meant to limit the thickness of mailbox post (letters).
The 'fix' of 2008-04-28 erroneously used this variable to limit the thickness of all shippings, thus disabled package shipping.
To do what the 'fixer' wanted: (limit package sizes) we need an extra variable
I added the variable, corrected the file, filled the initial values with up to date values (for Dutch Post) and added comment.

Full package (tt1 only, for tt2 see below)

Backup your shop, than Unzip the attached zip file
into your /catalog/ folder
to replace every tt1.php-file that was previously provided.
date 2010-08-09. Denkster

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