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04-11-2010, 07:00 PM
Added another check for hacker code.
Added version checker code (the Version Checker contribution still needs to be installed per the instructions).
Added code to check for username as the username and redirect if found - only useful for new installs.
Added box in admin to contain the file types to ignore on a hacker code search.
Added box in admin to contain the hacker code segments used in the hacker code search.
Added popup window to view suspected hacked files.
Changed how exclude selection works so that excluded directories are no longer in the exclude list.
Changed how createreferencefile code works so ignored files are checked in a more secure manner (as suggested by (Chad - chadcloman).
Changed search code so directories are scanned even if a similar name is excluded (as mentioned in the support thread).
Fixed problem that caused double slashes (//) in the hacker results.
Fixed logic problem in functions/site_monitor.php that might cause empty results for the hacker test.
Fixed some warnings seen in strict mode.
Fixed some problems that prevented the contribution from running on php 5.3 or higher.
Fixed invalid code in writeconfig code.
Renamed timer function to avoid clashes with other contributions.
Replaced $HTTP_POST_VARS with $_POST.
Replaced ereg with equivalent preg function.
Replaced some hard-coded text with definitions.

This is a full package.

The support thread is at

More... (http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/4441)