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02-16-2010, 07:00 AM
Simple Template System (STSv4.6)
Update by Bill Kellum (bkellum)

Different from download just below this one: Corrected a few errors in the sts_user_code.php file and some of the stylesheets provided with the sample templates.
Added new Template Folder drop down menu in the admin to easily select all uploaded template sets similar to how Joomla! installs templates.

Added new Open Source Template Sets to provide visual examples of the STSv4.6 features and ease of use.

Added several new variables in sts_user_code.php.

BUG FIXED: The $templatedir$ tag now works properly in all scripts.

BUG FIXED: Corrected the code for STS Default enabled to prevent errors (includes/classes/sts.php).

BUG FIXED: Corrected method for error messages appearing in the header (Use of $warning_header$ tag)

BUG FIXED: Several lines of code modified in the boxes.php file for seamless infobox template implementation.

Requires the use of Stop End Characters to facilitate proper variable functions.

Built around the idea to separate template sets from dependability of stock osC images and stylesheets.

Allows plug and play functionality to easily switch between properly designed template sets. This allows third party template set designers to easily port their designs.

STS files are still the same for all osCommerce 2.2 versions

Updated all STS documents.

Updated Support Thread links.

This is a Full Package.


Simple Template System Support Links

The moderator accidentally changed the STS Support Link so the old links no longer work. Here are the STS Support Links in this forum (dating from newest STS version to oldest):

STS version 4 and later:





STSv4.2: http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?showtopic=295660&st=480&p=913548&#entry913548


STS version 3 and earlier:

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