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01-02-2010, 09:29 AM
The Magento Customer Management Module connects your Magento store to your ez.newsletter account, helping you to generate more sales by capturing sales you might have otherwise missed. Enhance your ez.newsletter account with the Magento Customer Management Module and you'll get:

Risk free email marketing: have your marketing emails delivered from our IP addresses so your store's IP won't get blacklisted stopping ALL your emails from being delivered to your customers

Learn more at http://www.ez-llc.com/oscommerce

• Robust email marketing: rapidly send hundreds or thousands of emails reliably to customers without fear of overloading your mailserver or waiting days for your mailserver to deliver your messages

• Automated email list building: map website signup emails and customer emails into email lists you specify

• Catalog integration: easily insert products into your emails.

• Autoresponders: automatically have emails delivered to your customers collecting product reviews, asking for feedback on their recent order or sending reminders to reorder

• Targeted emails: use our sample templates and token system to easily setup emails containing the customer's name and full order details with product images and working links to leave reviews, reorder and leave feedback for you

• Flexible cycles: automatically have emails delivered to your customers minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years after an order, in combination with your own customer segmentation rules and order status settings

• Robust segmentation: segment your customers into email lists on any combination of products they ordered, products they didn't order, amount spent, date of last order and location

• Email marketing sales tracking: track total sales, orders and individual items sold for the emails you send

• Detailed sales comparisons: view sales trends for your email marketing campaigns and compare with the trends of your overall store sales

• Increase customer referrals: collect more customer referrals by offering one-time use coupons in exchange for referrals

• Customer account synchronization: when customers optin or out in their registered store account newsletter section they will be opted in and out of ez.newsletter

• Multi store segmentation: connect multiple ez.newsletter accounts to individual websites, stores and store views

• Automated report delivery: receive sales reports delivered right to your inbox daily, weekly, monthly and yearly

Learn more at http://www.ez-llc.com/oscommerce

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