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11-19-2009, 03:00 AM

After the implementation of a task Cron on my dedicated server. it worked during 1 week without problem and now I have an error message, this task concerns the update of stock on my retail website.

The spot Cron works with a file which it composes several files

int_tracking_status run.sh and stock_runs.py

Run.sh is the file which executes the script.

i have this message :

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/home/mysite/admin/int_prod_status/stock_runs.py", line 73, in <module>
get_full_content = my_http_call("POST","&__sgx_nbitemsbypage_EComItemsTableList=9999&__sgx_numpage_EComItemsTableList=1&__sgx_contextKey="+context_get_full_content[0]+"&__sgx_contextSecurity=&__sgx_script=&__sgx_submitfield1=&__sgx_submitfield2=")
IndexError: list index out of range

please help me.

best regards

PS: si certain son français je préfèrerai une réponse en francais merci :)