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08-23-2009, 11:00 AM
Advisepay.com is subsidiary of eremit limited which is registered in United Kingdom as money transmit business.Apart from offering services like donations,subscriptions,escrow and M2M money transfer the unique feature of advisepay is to facilitate micro payments for professionals,companies and individuals where they fail to reply all emails or provide services because they have apprehensions about it.
Replies mean professional advise and services has long list like sending brochures,samples,swatches,call outs or for that matter anything which is thankless till the time you do not get business against such services.Who knows that person asking for lengthy technical expert advise through email or any other service which costs you in terms of time and money is ever going to give you business or not ,so you are always frustrated and tired of such free services & petty expenditures which turn out to be big when accumulated at the end of the year.
At times you even do not bother to reply such fatigued jobs but do not forget that you might have lost potential buyer.Need was felt to find seriousness of buyer and this service has produced very targeted and filtered customers to companies who prove to be serious at first place by sending cash with message so companies also respond them seriously.

Advisepay has complete in build solution where you register free as a buyer or seller and fix your own fees for any such service mentioned above.

As Advisepay member any one sending you email message through advisepay email server is alerted and warned for fees which he or she is liable to pay you instantly.Message will not be sent if enough funds are not in sender's account to cover your fees.It means that all emails you receive in your advisepay inbox are prepaid and the moment you reply money is debited from sender account and credited in your account balance which shows instantly .

You can reject to reply any message and no one gets charged for it.

You can temporarily reject message and ask for more money if you think your service is worth more than sender has asked for and it is discretion of sender to authorise additional funds or discard and discontinue this communication at this stage.

For complete information please visit:-

Register for all your e-needs as advisepay can work at areas where there is no paypal .

We have paypal,moneybookers at back end but can transfer your funds anywhere in the world by all other means which includes wire transfer etc.

Enjoy and please back up.Module is available in english only but someone can please add other languages which will be appreciated.
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