View Full Version : Does Such A mod Exist? Price Breaks AND csv (excel) Import?

02-13-2004, 08:36 AM
As I understand it, Max 1.5 does not support price breaks (from the features list and request list).
Price breaks are quantity discounts (the more you buy, the cheaper it gets)
But, Max supports Easy Populate, that allows for easy import of catalog items form a CSV (basically excel) file.
I need to make a shopping cart that will allow to sell items with quantity discounts, and also allow easy import of catalog info.
So far i've read the features of Max 1.5 (+EasyPopulate), and tried out SEC (+Multple Price Breaks, but no EasyPopulate)

I've tried simply installing both but then EasyPopulate doesn't properly work, as the database table is modified...I will adapt the script eventually, but was wondering if I missed something obvious, like a module that doesn't come up in the search or whatever.
What I'm talking about as far as prices/multiple discounts:
Quantity Controller:
Easy Populate

Is there a mod out there that supports both of these features, both import and multiple items? This question has been asked in various forms in the forums before, but i've searched the links posted and haeven't found an answer so far.