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08-02-2009, 03:11 PM
RSS Feed v2.2a - Add Manufacturer, Model #, Price + More to Feed

This is an update for RSS Feed v2.2 by faaliyet (23- Mar- 2009).

You must download and install RSS Feed v2.2 first.
This is not full package.
Only contains manual install Instructions and rss.php file.

v2.2a Changes:
-Added Manufacturer, Model # and Price to feed items (you can use all, or comment out the ones you don't want).
- Based on how Newegg.com feeds look.
- Price will display either regular price or special price (if it is on special).
- Currently all is hard-coded in rss.php file so no external "defines". You can change that if you want
but I felt unnecessary at this time .
- Also, Prices: Sorry, since my my store is only in dollars I have not included code for multi-currency stores. (hard-coded)
-Added Screenshot to see what it will look like.
-Added channel element (to of course display your copyright info).
-Added channel elements so as to make the store logo a clickable link to website

-Updated: Commented out tag because it was (again causing problems with the rss feed renderings in IE and Firefox [at least for me]).
Included in install file is an explaination and possible temporary fix. But, this is not really needed (do a Google search on "Missing atom:link with rel="self"
and see what I mean. http://beta.feedvalidator.org/ Feed Validator only suggests as "Recommendation" and removal doesn't invalidate feed anyway.
This tag was working for me a few months ago, but not anymore maybe related to php upgrade to PHP version on my server - YMMV.

Issues Un-Resolved (since v2.2):
- atom:link href as listed above.
- still a problem with and ereg tags in the descriptions
- Top Category feeds not displaying when Top category has sub-categories (sub-categories show fine).
Category 1 ===> displays fine
Category 2 ===> DOESN'T DISPLAY
L Sub-Category 1 ===> displays fine
L Sub-Category 2 ===> displays fine
Category 3 ===> displays fine

NOTE: Not full package, replacement rss.php included to use if you haven't already modified the original.

ALSO: Just finished working on RSS feed for Specials and Featured Products (I'll upload soon)

Thanx to faaliyet for all his work on this contribution!

More... (http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/1513)