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07-26-2009, 07:15 AM
Geez, this contribution was so buggy that I have no idea how anyone could have used it at all.
I can't even start to explain how many bugs it had in it, which I believe I fixed them all.
The only possible reason I can think of that anyone would release such a buggy contribution in the first place is if he can get money (errm, something like 50 pounds per hour for 3 hours work for example) on support requests...

This new version 2 is based on the latest version and includes all the fixes listed below plus many more.

I changed the way the stock is updated to the way the Paypal IPN works.
From now stock is updated only when the customer completes the payment.
The order is first saved in the DB and can be seen in admin/orders.php but no stock is updated at this stage.

I also added a safety check to the IPN to see if stock was already updated and it only update if it hasn't been updated yet.

I only tested this with 1 of the modules - amoneybookers_ipn.php which is the credit cards module, that's all I need, and it works perfectly.
I did not test it to work with any of the other included modules because I don't need any of them, but if you try and find any bug with the other modules and you can fix it, please remember to post the fix here.

This is a FULL PACKAGE. Enjoy!


If you already installed the previous version, you should not update the SQL again.
The only SQL change, if you already installed previous versions is:
ALTER TABLE orders ADD stock_updated TINYINT(1);

Please remember to run this SQL command to add the new column stock_updated to your database.

More... (http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/5200)