View Full Version : Question about taking Paypal

07-18-2009, 09:13 AM
Has anyone on here tried using Paypal as a payment method? Currently I take credit cards directly and also accept Google Checkout but have been considering adding Paypal as an additional option but have several questions:

-Did you see an increase in sales by using Paypal?

-Have you experienced fraud issues? I have been also selling on eBay and take Paypal only on there? Unfortunately we've experienced fraud with false Significantly as Described with no questions asked, money returned to buyer, Returns where a box is returned with rocks and then the person claims they returned their item, shows USPS tracking, and gets their money back no questions asked. We have experienced several other fraud attempts through Paypal. What upsets us is it appears that Paypal does these investigations and never speaks with the seller much and just claims their investigation concluded the buyer was right. I just am hoping it may be different if I don't use Paypal along with eBay.

Thank you for your help.