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07-10-2009, 11:53 PM
Mootools Slideshow:

This intro and OSC contribution package is written by me - I found something awesome and I want to share it with the community :-)

However, I take no credit for the actual application which is entirely created by Aeron Glemann - all credit to him.

Furthermore, although I have created an OSC support forum for this contribution (see below) I can only offer very limited support - the best support is available on the Author's site (see below - extensive and excellent support actually!).

I have it installed on an OSC site V RC2.2a with STS template. If you install it anywhere else, you will have to figure that out yourself - but it shouldn't be too hard and there is a lot of support available for this via the Author's site (see below for links to wiki, FAQ, forum etc!)

Slideshow is a javascript class using Mootools 1.2 to stream and animate the presentation of images on your website. You can use it anywhere you like - the license is entirely Open Source. You may NOT re-sell it. If you like it, make a donation to the author and support the little guy?

This package does not dynamically pull any images from anywhere - but it IS possible to achieve this - and I am hoping others might contribute to the next OSC version (if only instructions) to enable it to do that.

The author's support forum is extensive and there are some examples on there, of how to dynamically pull the data - I just haven't found the need to do that myself - yet.... but it is something I will look into for the next version (unless someone beats me to it :-0

- Creates an awesome FREE web2 slideshow box on your front page
- You manually specify the image files to use (currently)
- beautiful, fading image gallery
- controlled by CSS and web2 compliant
- LOTS of variable options / different ways to show stuff
- It's just excellent - which is why it deserves a wider audience.

- Dynamic resizing - Slideshow can accommodate any size presentation.
- Thumbnails - intelligent, auto-scrolling, tracking, etc.
- Full-featured controller - completely style-able with CSS (AND ABILITY TO TURN IT OFF COMPLETELY).
- Animated captions if wanted - plain text or formatted with HTML.
- Fully accessible - Slideshow can be controlled with access keys.
- Automagic slideshows - create slideshows from existing HTML images.
- Varied hyperlinking options - Slideshow allows for mashups with Lightbox, Slimbox, etc.
- CSS slide transitions - designed in stylesheets, not javascript, allow for an infinite combination of

effects (plus support for all Robert Penner (effects) transitions).
- Unobtrusive and degradable - Slideshow even functions with Javascript turned off!

- Several variations to this script are available
- Examples of these are on the author's website

- several variation demos available here:

This package installs example 1 (basic slideshow) as that is all I needed. However, there are lots of variations that are possible if you want to modify the code - go ahead - it's not hard, often you will just need to include a different style sheet (included) and tweak the page code a little. Full instructions, support and examples on this are available on the author's site.

In this distribution, you will find the following files:

slideshow folder containing
css/ - Folder containing stylesheet and background images.
images/ - Folder with example images.
index_EXAMPLE.html - Example script usage.
js/ - Folder with the Slideshow scripts and Mootools 1.2.1.
INSTALLATION.txt - How to install in OSC
LICENCE.TXT - Copy of the MIT license information (from the Author's website)
README.TXT - A copy of this text

OSC support forum:

- Official development website.

- Author Site Demos and examples.

- FAQ.

- WIKI Manual.

- Google Group (excellent help forum but requires google account)


EASY - 5 minute job!!

Just upload the contents of the slideshow folder and modify your main home page template (STS users)!

NON STS users shold be able to figure out how to change this to suit their site fairly easily!
See the INSTALLATION.TXT file for full details.

July 2009

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