View Full Version : Help with moving product, uploading images

07-10-2009, 04:59 PM

I am stumped.

I was always able to upload images when entering new products instantly using the image upload feature. I was also able to copy, move and duplicate products in my catalog.

Since about a month ago, none of these work. It allows me to select move or duplicate or upload an image as usual, it appears like something is happening but then the item does not actually show as moved or the image does not show. I get no errors.

The only way I can get images to show now is to upload them through the new product window, (the image does not show) and then upload the image separately to my server into the images folder. It's alot more work now. But what do I do about moving or duplicating items?

I have played around with many different permissions, including 777 for all with no change. Currently have /admin/includeschmod 755/catalog/includeschmod 755/admin/includes/configure.phpchmod 644catalog/includes/configure.phpchmod 644/catalog/imageschmod 777
except for the config file which is 444, or I get a warning about security issues.

The only changes I have made in the last month have been upgrade to version v2.2 rc2 and added Seo Urls.

I do not own my server, I have a webhosting plan.

Any ideas of what is going wrong?