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02-07-2004, 11:32 AM
Hello everyone,

I need a little help please, for some reason when I go to the products attribute in admin control panel and I select the item to add size, color, then the optonal item size in the products attributes section my page shows up like this :

ID Product Name Option Name Option Value Value Price Prefix Action

14 Luca-Sheer Camisole Select Color Black 0.0000 +
9 Luca-Sheer Camisole Select Size 32C 0.0000 +
18 Luca-Sheer Camisole Matching Bikini Medium 14.9500 +
11 Luca-Sheer Camisole Select Size 34C 0.0000 +
16 Luca-Sheer Camisole Matching Bikini No 0.0000 +
13 Luca-Sheer Camisole Select Size 36C 0.0000 +
8 Luca-Sheer Camisole Select Size 32B 0.0000 +
19 Luca-Sheer Camisole Matching Bikini Large 14.9500 +
10 Luca-Sheer Camisole Select Size 34B 0.0000 +
17 Luca-Sheer Camisole Matching Bikini Small 14.9500 +

for some reason the ID is just jumping not in sequence? I enter size first, then color and as you can see it is just scrambled,

also I would like to know how I can change this: to show up on my actual item page:
Available Options:
Matching Bikini: NoSmall (+$14.95)Medium (+$14.95)Large (+$14.95)
Select Color: BlackBurgandy
Select Size: 32B32C34B34C36B36C

to look like this,
Select Size: 32B32C34B34C36B36C
Select Color: BlackBurgandy
Matching Bikini: NoSmall (+$14.95)Medium (+$14.95)Large (+$14.95)
I want the optional item to purchase to appear last. (whatever item is not the original item being sold.)

Basically I would like the available options to appear the way I enter them not in alphabetical order.

Any help would be nice, by the way I am using the ms2 max osC template.

Thanks, auntie

02-11-2004, 04:37 PM
Didn't you answer this question here:

Is that a different issue or is it the template update causing this :?:

02-11-2004, 06:23 PM
Hi again,

I answered the one main for the info page, but this is in reference to the products attribute page, and no it is not the update. It is in aabox download. I am still hunting, but any help would be nice. :shock: :)

02-18-2004, 05:23 AM
Hi Auntie,
Found these searching for something else. Could be helpful??



02-19-2004, 06:17 AM
Hi Neil,

Thanks for the info, but I have already read all that, I have downloaded the 1.6 contribution but that does not solve the issue. It has to be somewhere in the products attribute sort formation, but I cant find it anywhere.

Thanks for the info. :)