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06-16-2009, 01:00 PM
1) Super tiny change in the area of admin/includes/modules/newsletters/newsletters.php. A curly bracket "}" on line 425 -OF THE INSTALLATION.TXT FILE- was missing and causing "Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ';', expecting T_FUNCTION in ~".

2) Super tiny change in the area of admin/includes/modules/newsletters/product_notification.php. A curly bracket "}" on line 568 -OF THE INSTALLATION.TXT FILE- was missing.

3) Included the "Unsubscribe link in emails not working" contribution directly below by sunrise99 involving "newsletters_subscribe.php".

4) Added Spanish translations using "Word Magic Translator Professional (not affiliated with them). This is an excellent translation software but SOFTWARE non-the-less. I do not guarantee complete accuracy.

Just a *note*: Step 2 in the installation.txt file asks you to drop the Newsletters Table from SQL. I did this but received errors every time I clicked on the Newsletter section in Admin. I don't know if there is a viable reason for this step as I haven't received any errors after adding the Newsletters Table back but if anyone else needs to recreate the newsletters table, see SQL code below.


CREATE TABLE newsletters (
newsletters_id int NOT NULL auto_increment,
title varchar(255) NOT NULL,
content text NOT NULL,
module varchar(255) NOT NULL,
date_added datetime NOT NULL,
date_sent datetime,
status int(1),
locked int(1) DEFAULT '0',
PRIMARY KEY (newsletters_id)

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