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02-07-2009, 01:01 AM
Osc Textera Description Translator v1.0

Hi Guys, this is a reat way for your forin customers to translate all your product descriptiond
in to their oun language at a click of a button.
After all, they should know exactly what they are puchasing, right?
It will shurly avoid any:
extra customer emails with question about product description they do not understand,
product returns because the customer did not get what he/she expected, and we all know
what headaches that comes with.

Traslater will currently translate to 13 languages, in my next update I will add an additional 25 more!

I have set the translater to translate Product description with this mod, but the possibilities are endless..
You can translate your "Privacy Policy" , "Shipping Policy" , "FAQ's" , "Information Pages",
Just about anything text you have on your site.

There is 2 gliches I could not figure out,
1) In order for the traslator to work 100% there is a text limit that needs to be kept under, around 500 letters. Once the text limit is passed, there seems to be some issue switching from language to language. I'm not a coder, but someone that is could fix this in 10 min by adding a text limit that can be set to a whatever number needed.
2) I you are using the standard osc input box where you list your product description in categories.php (you are fine). But if you are using an html editor like WYSIWYG or FCK then you will notice that all your tags/code gets included in description, example
, , <div>, ect.
If someone takes 20min of their time to fix these 2 things, We got a True Winner!!!

Some may reply, but there are translaters out there that can translate the hole site at once!

Yes, there is. But I personaly do not recomend them unless you have a very simple site with no functions.
See Install file for live examples: And you will see what I mean.

Ok, This mod is as simple as you can get, cut/past and you are done!
Script includes its own css, so you can change, text, size of textera container, with scroll or without, make contaimer invisible, ect, ect.

Simply open your product_info.php and replace with the code supplyed in Install file...That's it!
Please backup product_info.php file before updating!!!!!!!!!!

There is room for great improvements on this mod, see install file for detailes.

More... (http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/6538)