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02-05-2009, 01:03 AM
Same package as below

Just added some text to the install file

What it does

This SQL file will add 3 folders to your admin backoffice under localizations taxes /Tax Zones.

On a new shop this is empty and you will have to manualy insert this to set up tax/vat and shipping zones this SQL file will save u a lot of time !!

Folders that will be added

Netherlands, Europe, Rest of the world

1 : Netherlands NL can be changed for your country.

2 : All european countries except Netherlands as its already defined in zone 1 (can easily be changed manually if your country is not Netherlands)

3 : All Other World Countries already inserted. Feel free to delete any countries you dont need.

If you want, you can still define more zones, but most likey you wont need any more as this covers Your country, Europe and the world.

Optional: for dutch users

I added all taxes as described in the NLoscommerce Forum by john berkendam

So now you have a Full complete package of everything described. This will save you some time as I did all the work for you ;)

Simply run the 2 extra SQL files (Tax_Classes and Tax_rates) wich are included in this package.

Will Add the folowing to your admin backoffice under localizations taxes /Tax Zones:

Tax Classes
BTW Hoog 19%
BTW Laag 6%
BTW Vrij 0%

Tax Rates
BTW Hoog 19% Nederland
BTW Laag 19% Europe
BTW Vrij 0% Rest of the World

Works with RCA2a and should work with previous OSC shops as well.

More... (http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/6532)