View Full Version : My stupid voucher/coupon questions

01-03-2004, 03:01 PM
Sorry, I have lots of small silly questions:

1. Is there any way of pruning the old entries for Gift Voucher's Sent if grows too much?

2. Why are the welcome coupons in Gift Voucher's Sent but not the coupons mailed from Coupon admin?

3. Gift Voucher's Sent shows the Customer Id of the person redeeming the gift voucher. However, when I look at the Customers, I cannot see which Id they have. As the e-mail address of the redeemed does not need to match the e-mail address of the gv recipient (I tested this, so that I know what kind of gv catastrophies can happen in worst case scenario), finding out who the redeemer was can be essential for checking if a gv has been hijacked. Is there any way to commect a customer to a Customer Id other than a direct db search?

4. Gift Voucher's Sent shows a 5% (minimum order of 20) coupon as 5.00 EUR coupon. I guess that's simply a bug...

5. When a coupon is sent in the welcome message or manually though coupon admin, the coupon description is not automatically included. How can I include it?