View Full Version : Do most web hosts do backups?

11-18-2008, 10:16 PM
My current web hosting service does a nightly backup and keeps 1 weeks worth of them. They also do a weekly backup that they keep a month's worth of plus a monthly backup that they keep 12 copies of for each month.
I had the idea that most web hosts do something similar or at least do backups. I do my own backups at least once a week and if I do major changes to my website much more often.
For several reasons though I'm changing to a new web host. I have done my research and BlueHost comes out very highly rated. I see this almost anywhere I look but I was shocked when I contacted them about backups. Their answer was that they sometimes do it as a courtesy but in general don't do many backups and if so just on a weekly basis and once your account goes over 5GB they no longer even offer to do it as a courtesy.
I'm disappointed because I really wanted to go with them and they seem to have great service. Plus everywhere I look they seem so highly rated. I'm just wondering if this is really that important and maybe is more common than I think. Any opinions?

11-18-2008, 11:23 PM
No, not all hosts backup your data. Many only do backups for their own purposes (disk images if a drive fails, so they can do a full server restore).

I think it is pretty much universal that you are fully responsible for your backups unless you specifically pay for it or it is included in the service you are purchasing.

11-19-2008, 04:51 PM
Yep - What he said.

Never trust your host on stuff like that -UNLESS specifically stated in your contract.

With any hosted backup service - I would not blindly trust it - investigate HOW offten and to WHERE ---most important HOW many copies they keep and how can certain files from certain dates can be restored.

- If they backup to a HD on the same server - that is BAD.
- They may consider RAID a form of "backup" - which is incorrect - it is redunance if a disk fails - not to protect your data if something goes wrong.
- Backup Location - Should be OFF SITE - or cycled to an off site location. If the building/location gets damaged (huricane/earthquake/terrorist/bomb/fire/gas explosion etc...) you need to be able to setup anywhere ASAP.
- TIED selling - backup solutions linked to your hosting account. If you move - you lose your backup or atlease access to...

Lot of things to consider.

Most of your site is static files. Product Images and the DB are most important. That is why there is a BACKUP TOOL in admin for your DB.