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11-09-2008, 05:42 AM
Hi Guys,

Dan Herlihy here. I usually reside over at the OSC forums. Just posted a topic over there on the same subject. I need to get some feedback on the following idea...the following is a copy from the OSC forums

I was thinking of starting an organisation to well..organize online traders in a way that has been done successfully with bricks and mortar retailers. Strangely, I can not find anything or anyone whom currenlty perform this function for online retailers.

I actually came from a Wholesaler and Vendor background. I've seen bricks and mortar buying groups work very effectively to gain cheaper prices. WHolesalers love doing business with these groups because it allows access to a large volume of stores, without the hastle of dealing with each one individually. Now before you all say "Thats just a buying gorup - Its been done before", my idea is different because it will perform many more functions than that of a regular buying group and is specifically for online retailers.

Im in Australia and find that many suppliers and vendors will have nothing to do with you if you are an online retailer. My idea is to create a sort of managing body which will perform a number of functions on behalf of its online retailers as well as suppliers and manufacturers.

•Perform the usual functions of a buying group based on product demand.

• Negotiate deals with Vendors previously out of reach of online retailers. Some sort of pricing control will need to be implimented. It is sad but true that many Wholesalers at least here in Australia feel big business will boycott their business if it products they make or supply appear online. THis is due to the way online retailers generally spam the price of products. Bricks and Mortar retailers generally threaten wholesalers and vendors that they will not buy from them any more in they continue to deal with online retailers. This in turn results in online retailers being locked out of business with the wholesaler or getting far inflated pricing. I have an idea which I think will work here. More detail later

• Provide forums and feedback and ratings on Wholesalers, Chinese manfucaturers, Suppliers etc. <--THere are a lot of good ones out there. Unfortunately, due to the size of most online retailers, dealing with them involves a large element of risk.

• Provide a means of reviewing and rating Manufacturers both locally and around the world. (The reverse could be done FOR suppliers etc. to rate and provide feedback on retailers -trusted retailers etc.)

• Allow users to create -Sub-Syndicates, grouping together to negotiate bigger deals and cheaper prices on particular products from suppliers/manufacturers.

• Provide a means of providing feedback as to what products are moving in OUR/THEIR market. Separated into categories displaying volume of units sold. THis would be done through a datafeed from members. Naturally no confidential information will be included in the Semi-Anonymous Datafeed (price sold for retailers name etc), simply product model, date and volume moved. Over time, we will be able to produce detailed market analysis, Moving Averages etc. From here, the buying gorup as a whole will make decisions as to which products to sources and who to source them from. THere's a lot of potential for this part of the idea, however it will, given, be very difficult to manage. I do however have a few ideas though.

• Pool advertising resources for products bought through the buying group to push product specific advertisments.

• Return rebates negotiated through buying deals back to members as a dividend ever quarter.

There is more to it than that, but just thought I spark a discussion and see what kind of feedback you guys have on the idea.

I've started new forum on this subject for anyone interested in being part of this idea from a development front (nasora.com.au).

I've also just registered the following domains :

nasora.com.au (main site for the moment)
nasora.com (not yet active)
eusora.com (not yet active)
esora.co.uk (not yet active)

I've also registered a PTY. LTD Australian company called NASORA (National Australian Syndicated Online Retailers Association).

Im guessing the Australian arm will be a test case, however once established, I would expect to find someone to take this on overseas (which is why I've registered domains for Europe (both a .com and .co.uk) and the united states (.com)

I will personally code, manage and fund this for as long as I can or the need exists.

I've posted a mission statement to Nasora.com.au. Feel free to post feedback there.

You can go to nasora.com.au for more details

Dan Herlihy