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10-17-2008, 12:00 PM
This is a complete package. Screenshots included. See contribution package for complete abstract.
Upgrade instructions available for 2.0.0 users.

+ Added code to reduce the popup image to the size defined in the admin.
+ Added extra error checking to help in debugging.
+ fixed potential problem with image description not getting counted when
calcualting the height of the product image box. (affects: product_info.php)
+ fixed a problem where image description was shown beside the product image
instead of below it. (affects: product_info.php)
+ fixed issue with on-product-page group not following alignment setting.
(affects: product_info.php)
+ Fixed a problem where the auto-filled image path was in reverse order.
+ Fixed a problem where image tables would overlap due to new table alignment
handling practices for tables with right, left or center alignments.
+ Remove unnecessary enctype="multipart/form-data" in submit form of configurer that may have
been causing problems with the functionality on some systems
+ Fixed issue where using the height only in the Images settings caused images
to not be processed.
+ increased the length of the image fields in the database to compensate for
longer image paths+names built by this contribution. Add SQL to the Upgrade
information doc for those upgrading.
+ added a fix to /incldues/modules/products_listing.php to remove the fixed image
size when the AI configuration setting "Use image size restrictions" is set to false.
+ Fixed issue where images where missing from a single quote in the image description.
+ Fixed issue where new products using the same image name failed to generate
the sized images leaving something like "/tmp/phptRbYPs" in the thumb image field.
+ Included fix by tree365 (20 Sep 2007)
+ Extended tree365's fix so that all additional images are deleted when a product
is deleted from the shop.
+ Added manual script to insert database changes for the install.


More... (http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/1032)