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10-04-2008, 03:01 AM
Overall reffresh of the code.
*compatibility with the latest osCommerce-2.2rc2a.
*compatibility with MySql V5.xx .
*compatibility with PHP V5.xx and V6.00 .
- Register_global off
- Register_long_array off

Bug fixed at admin section.
when sorting points on a page other then the first page,
the script took you back to the first page.

Bug fixed at admin section.
when adjusting points to a customer without points and auto expire is on,
the date left empty.

Created a new installer.
The old installer did not work on heavily secured servers.

Updated the code to reflect the tax issue.
osCommerce-2.2rc2a team has made changes to the currencies class,
read osCommerce-2.2rc2a log file for more details

Updated the code in refer to products_info.php .
Points information no longer shown on a none qualified Product.

Bug fixed at create account page .
Email did not sent out at all if the point system is turned off.

Fixed a possible security hole .
where an hacker could go trough and add mutiple referral points for the same order.

Clean up the INSTALL.txt file .
Some people had problem understanding it.

Added the new FAQ type Provided by Phocea.
-Clean up the file and removed none English comments.
-Moved the css elements to catalog/stylesheet.css
-Fixed a minor bug in Phocea's version where the date not show
at FAQ no.14

Maybe some more .
There is a good chance that i made a few other changes along the
way and probably forgot about it.
The user wanting to upgrade this contribution will need first upgrade to the latest osCommerce-2.2rc2a
then replace the module core files as well as go trough the install.txt to confirm that
your code is the same.
There is a demo site for a limited time.
You can find the link at the module forum topic.

Ben Zukrel
DEEP Silver Accessory
Yamagata City, Japan.

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