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09-11-2008, 04:00 PM
PC BUILDER VERSION 2.5.0 (some major changes, bugfixes and corrections)

It just gets better and better. This release started out as a version 2.4.2 upgrade and was bumped up to 2.5.0 after I got caught up in some radical changes. The biggest changes will be found in the admin side - in fact it's the only noticeable change.

1. Builder, category and dependence Configurations all on one page.
2. Assembly fee category id now selectable in configuration (no more hard-code).
3. Ability to disable the builder frontend (nice for serious maintenance).
4. Global dependency can be turned on or off (working!).
5. Individual builder categories can be set to 'non-dependent'.
6. Builder categories no longer need to be in strict sequential order for dependency to work.
7. Builder matrix editor enhanced, (sub)category descriptions, selectable builder categories (or all) - neato!.
8. Catalog 'USE_TAX' flag honored by builder (instead of its own one - psh!).
9. Database tables 'pruned' - unneeded clutter!!
10. Cancel button in matrix editor changed to 'back' - takes you back to builder config - logical!.
11. Builder category maintenance - deleting categories now also removes product dependences.
12. Builder category maintenance - inserts, and renames now check for duplicates, etc... (better!).
13. Matrix editor - does not show builder categories that have no dependence.
14. Catalog 'LANGUAGE' id honored by builder.

Upgrade only - not the full package.

More... (http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/3282)