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09-10-2008, 04:55 PM
I saw another contrib that tracks contributions and liked some of the features. It checks the actual page that the contrib is on by id #. For me I thought that is alot of pages to always be checking, but once in awhile and when you add a contrib it seemed great. You now add the contrib by it's id# and the EXACT title will be retrieved as well as the latest versions date. I also added a new button for a manual update which connects to the pages and checks for updates, in case your shop was down or your server or whatever reason the rss feed was unreachable.

+ fixed a potential bug when entering dates
+ added a today checkbox to date added to store
+ cleaned up some code
+ added success and error messages
+ added a quick add box
+ when updating a contrib the old add-ons URL will be automatically be changed to the new add-ons URL
+ changed some variables that were not clear as to what they were(mostly date related) for easier future identification
+added a check to manually update a contrib from it's oscommerce add ons page. This maybe useful if your server goes down you move shop locations, don't have a way to cron your contribs, the rss feed is probably the better way to go but if you need it it is there. I am not sure but this should probably be used sparingly as it probably eats up osc's bandwidth as where the rss feed is meant for being constantly checked.
+ deleted a useless database table

FULL PACKAGE + update guide

More... (http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/4815)