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08-25-2008, 07:50 AM
Country update:

CHILE and SOUTH AFRICA were added to ShopMania Network

ShopMania Network:

# AUSTRALIA - http://shopmania.com.au/ (only supporting AUD, NZD datafeeds)
# BRASIL - http://www.shopmania.com.br/ (only supporting BRL, USD)
# CHILE - http://www.shopmania.cl/ (only supporting CLP, USD, EUR) *NEW
# CHINA - http://www.shopmania.cn/ (only supporting CNY, USD)
# DEUTSCHLAND - http://www.shopmania.de/ (only supporting EUR, USD)
# FRANCE - http://www.shopmania.fr/ (only supporting EUR, USD datafeeds)
# HUNGARY - http://www.shopmania.hu/ (only supporting HUF, EUR, USD datafeeds)
# INDIA - http://www.shopmania.in/ (only supporting INR, USD datafeeds)
# ITALY - http://www.shopmania.it/ (only supporting EUR, USD datafeeds)
# JAPAN - http://www.shopmania.jp/ (only supporting JPY, USD datafeeds)
# MEXICO - http://www.shopmania.com.mx/ (only supporting MXN (Mexican peso), USD, EUR datafeeds)
# POLSKA - http://www.shopmania.pl/ (only supporting PLN, EUR, USD)
# PORTUGAL - http://www.shopmania.pt/ (only supporting EUR, USD)
# ROMANIA - http://www.shopmania.ro/ (only supporting RON, EUR, USD datafeeds)
# RUSSIA - http://www.shopmania.ru/ (only supporting RUB, EUR, USD)
# SOUTH AFRICA - http://www.shopmania.co.za/ (only supporting ZAR, USD, EUR) *NEW
# SPAIN - http://www.shopmania.es/ (only supporting EUR datafeeds)
# TURKEY - http://www.shopmania.com.tr/ (only supporting TRY, EUR, USD)
# UK - http://www.shopmania.co.uk/ (only supporting GBP, EUR, USD datafeeds)
# US - http://www.shopmania.com/ (only supporting USD, CAD datafeeds)

More... (http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/5181)

01-22-2009, 06:53 PM
Not meaing to hijack the thread. But does oscmax have japan as a language. I only see En, Spanish and Deutsch in my catalog admin under 'labguages'. But I go to my /catalog/includes/language and I see a few more languages, french, dutch. I am not sure if Japan is an option at all, or Yen for currency, I probably have not updated my software since late 2007 when I first D.L.ed it.

I'm looking to give use of my store to an associate in Japan, and not sure if Japanese is an option, another module etc..


11-06-2009, 01:34 PM
does this shopmania feed work on oscmax?