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07-25-2008, 04:02 PM
Account History with QUICK RE-ORDER

This is a REALLY easy contribution to add, and it frees up space on your columns if you were to get rid of the account history box.

This contribution adds the quick re-order list that you usually find in the infobox on the right column into the account order history.

It frees up space to delete that info box, but lets the customers quickly see what they have ordered be and re-order it with one click.

It works best if your have a login box contribution that also adds the MY ACCOUNT box to your website. This way you have the link to ACCOUNT HISTORY on all pages. Which means your customer is ONE CLICK away from seeing their most recent purchases and re-ordering with one click.
I suggest this contribution to put the login into an info box which will also create an account links box when logged in:
Loginbox V5.4_in_header
Login Box Best

No files needed to upload or change.

Files changed:
*column_right.php or column_left.php

i will create a support thread for this contribution, even though it is rather easy.


To see this in action, you can view my website which is somewhat modified, but the account history page ONLY has this one change (Quick Re-Order)
You will need to create a test account to see this in action. Feel free to make a test purchase and use Payment On Delivery method for payment, and use the word TEST somewhere in the account creation

More... (http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/6106)