View Full Version : Question about using Google Checkout

07-18-2008, 01:57 PM
I currently accept Mastercard, Visa, and Discover via a mechant account and recently starting uploading my feeds to Google Base. I have only used this 2 days and haven't sold an item yet but my website only has 6 items and I'm averaging 16 hits a day in 2 days from Google Base.

What I'm wondering is if I should go with Google Checkout. On the purchasing side I've used it with a couple websites that only accept Google Checkout. I'd never accept Google Checkout exclusively. From the sellers side I'm wondering if I would experience an increase in sales doing this and also, does Google/Google Base give any premium placement to sellers that accept Google Checkout?

I may be using Google Adwords with time and like the fact that I can save money by using Adwords. Do most people have success with Adwords? It seems it will give me a discount on Google Checkout.

Also, what is security like? From what I read Google has many fraud protection features and often will leave it up to you at the end if you want to still ship or not. I noticed they have a lot of chargeback prevention policies but these seem to only help if you ship to billing address only. I already also ship to other shipping addresses and determine if I do this based on my fraud protection services. I don't really want to change this policy to billing address only. I think I'd have to change my policy to shipping to billing address only on all ads and don't want to do that. Is that correct or can I do it for Google Base only? One last thing, in general do people who use Google Checkout experience many security or chargeback issues?

Thank you for help with the above questions.